Counseling Approach
Life can be difficult, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

Counseling is needed:
  • If you're feeling stressed out or sad more times than not;
  • If you want to feel better about life, but can't seem to get there;
  • If you're tired of feeling lousy -- about your relationships, family, work
    or school; or
  • If you're losing sleep, not eating right and feeling hopeless about life.

Over and over, clients tell me they feel better even after only one session.
Clients share with me the difficulties of their lives, both past and present. I
listen -- in a kind and caring manner -- and work to help clients feel better.
Counseling focuses on the current problems in a person's life -- be it related
to family, relationships, work or school.

When appropriate, counseling looks to the past and the traumatic
experiences of one's life. I help clients explore the problems of their lives,
learn new coping skills or understand problems from a new perspective.
Counseling is about healing your emotional wounds. In a supportive and
nurturing counseling relationship,
you can feel better.
Cari Orris, LLC